There blows a gentle breeze..really balmy atmosphere it is..its soothing..!
I am sitting on a bench..occupied with a chunk of profound thoughts..which after every few jiffies, bring an enviable smile on my face…!!
Right in front of me, is a temple..which gives me divine prowess to win over all odds..!
I am in love with this place for it offers the serenity..I have always preached..practised and aspired for..!
Situated on a little hill top, it pulls me away from the bewilderment, commotion and perplexity of everyday chores..!
And as I stand on the cliff’s edge..I witness , at how elevated a pedestal I am, when compared to the myriad others..!
Even after an excruciating ordeal too, if I pay a visit to this place, all the trauma seems to wear away..and I am halcyon as ever.!
The mild wind that blows..makes my hair to wave…filling my heart with an ineffable hubris, a pride of being beautiful..!
Anybody who has such a wonderful comrade, one that offers whole lot of goodies…
Giving you brawns..keeping you composed..pulling you away from all bedlam..placing you at a rung higher than the masses…pilfering all your worries and…making you feel all the more beautiful..
…is bound to be termed “lucky”..!
And yes..I would say..I am blessed.!
..because..not just one..I have two companions of this ilk…who seem to turn all my gaggles..suave..!
It is an ulterior combination..I am sitting..cuddled in arms of one pal and lost in the thoughts of another..and this motley brings forth, the allegorical similarities..both of my mates enjoy..!
HE is the source of my the temple ahead of me. The trust he places..the way he praises.!
The distinct style in which he gives me “space” to be self..with all my “good” and “bad” annotations…fills my life with all new exuberence.!
I know I have a pillar, ad infinitium, to lean on,..very much like the footsteps of the temple door..where I can always bow..genuflect.!
HE is adorable..for his talks, his gestures, his ideology, carries an immense depth, an intensity not known since yore. His company , like this estate induces in me “the complete calmness”..I have always craved for..dreamt for.!

HE pulls me put of nadir..takes me in an all together different world, where I am devoid of the anarchy of this mundane life. When I am in conversation with him, in rendezvous with him, it resembles meditation, only tranquility hits me then. I remain stoic as ever..just the way I this very piece of land..!
The way HE raises my sanity to a different level everyday..and I sit and chersh, this nexus, I feel I am above all, who don’t have him that close. Above all, who haven’t had an insight of his soul..above all, who haven’t been framed in his words..above all, who haven’t been vis-à-vis with his lucrative personality..above all, who are yet to dive, yet to delve into the deep ocean of his ever expounding thoughts.I feel on top of this the way I feel..standing on this cliff’s edge…!!
HE alleviates me of all my pains. However wrong, things may much ever I may feel low..he is just a call away..i know..! In life’s roller coaster ride..I have in him..the one who will pull the whip for me..kindred to this holy place which always has been my cushion to absorb all the shocks that have come by.!!
HE loves me for every wee trait of mine..every silly expression..every simple attire of mine mesmerises him. My smile, my style..pleases him till the core and he is always on his shower those exaggerated accolades..that selfless love. I have never felt this beautiful..this gorgeous…all my life..except the time when I visit this sacred place..!!!
Its all his charm which urged me to undergo..a metamorphosis in the righteous sense..!!
This wonderful “analogy”..between two of most mesmerising “things” of my life has made it all worth living..worth treasuring..!!
I sincerely wish..there comes a day..and one more analogy paves its way..!!
As today, I lay snuggled in the arms of “place”..thinking about “him”…I hope..there comes a day..when I am enfolded in “his” arms…and reminiscent about the “place”….!!



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