.. that Sunday Morning..!!


I always knew things needed to change, I needed to make a move, and a transformation was called for, from my being a pseudo righteous citizen to a magnified truthful one. But, my world was so aloof from the arena where all the action happened, that the status quo stood. Anon, my myths were all set to be shattered and happenings around me would begin to impact me differently.

It had been a nice relaxing morning, a big mug of coffee to start it with, good long chat back home, and an awesome Television show, that was finally on air. Plans of cooking the dinner by myself, and spending the evening with my pen, it all seemed perfectly in place. Just then it so happened that I had to climb down the stairs of my apartment to fetch something.

I was nearly approaching the store in my lane when I noticed a chunk of residents of my locality swarming the garbage area, and discussing something that appeared to be serious. Truly contradicting my real self, who never tends to investigate matters, I went ahead to know what had caused the uproar.

That moment, when I saw it, turned out to be a life changing kinds. There lay in front of me a big piece of flesh (read foetus), presumed to be of a female.  The onlookers claimed to have seen a well-dressed man step out of a luxurious sedan and throw it here in the early hours of that day.

Scenes flashed in front me of me, of the TV show that made my morning awesome. How it had brought forth the heinous truth of female foeticide and how I had further stretched myself in my couch, pushing myself to imagine of some distant land where all of it was still happening. How it had reiterated on the need for action and involvement of masses, and how I had led myself to vow that I will also be on my toes if it happens around me. How it revealed that the educated class was a step ahead in committing the sin and how I latently gainsaid it, for it might be an exception.

Nobody could question me, for nobody was above me, nor could I blame the others, for I was above none. There was a sense of guilt, of being ignorant in the times of information, of being a handicap with every body part intact.

But, I am glad the end to my slumber was here. Interestingly, my intellect had had been pulled awake by a show that aired on a medium which was often deemed as an “Idiot Box”.

Mr. Aamir Khan (read perfectionist) has put his credibility to good use and compelled the self-proclaimed high class populace of India to lend an ear to issues that need attention with the aid of Satyamev Jayate. It is a step towards ensuring contribution from every section of society for issues that ail our country and the actor has already played his part.




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