My love affair with Hyderabad!

Every city has a life of its own. One that takes shape by the varied emotions it exudes and hues it spreads around. Often we attempt to put in stone, what makes a city lively, every resident’s sweet home, and every traveler’s dream destination. However, by the time I began penning this, there was no definite answer in sight to this one.

Somebody like me who has always found happiness in life’s tiniest of offerings, is not really moved with glitz and glamor, expects a lot from her abode, wasn’t an easy trap. But, somehow, the moment I stepped in this city of Nizams and Pearls, I fell for it. I could hear violins being played and was in a different world.  Quite like love, sometimes it just takes you a moment to fall in love with a city’s ways, and sometimes a lifetime, and sometimes the frequencies just don’t match. For all you said was bad about the place, how tough it could be sometimes, and how sensitive, I wasn’t ears. Yes.. Crazy love it was!!

As is most often the case, my love grew fonder with every passing day and just when I thought I had known and seen it all, I realized that Hyderabad was beyond the beauty I had been admiring all this while, it breathed. Though we all are aware of its monumental and artistic stature, the way its infectious enthusiasm brings you alive, is not many know of. The ways in which it boasts of its serenity even amidst bustling activity, of its being traditional in a milieu that’s contemporary, and how everything is veiled, but seems so open.

This unconditional love affair brought me to the thought of giving an ode to the city of my dreams, which welcomes everybody with open arms. And thus, I set out with a companion who shared the fondness, to immortalize the essence of my haven, with an art form that is our passion. Finally, this video came into being, that attempted to get into the pumping heart of the city, caught its beat and hopefully, gave you umpteen reasons to see it yourself for real.

I think I have justified my affection. Let me know what you have to say!



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3 responses to “My love affair with Hyderabad!

  1. This is really great. I’v visited Hyderabad a couple of times now but never really explored it. Great video, you’ve inspired me to re-visit this city 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Priya!! Inspiring people to pack up and throw a visit to the place was our only aim 🙂

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