Steps to effective Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management, when simply put, can be defined as the process of monitoring a brand’s presence over different media and gauging how customers feel about it.

It majorly attempts to bridge the gap between a company’s self-perception to its image in the world outside. When the same process happens, with focus on a brand’s online presence, it is termed as Online Reputation Management or in short ORM

In the present times, when it isn’t really a big deal for any consumer, in any corner of the world to make his/her voice heard, which can defame or popularize the brand, a good reputation online is one of the keys for a business to gain and retain customers.

Hence, opting for Online Reputation Management puts you in control of things and enables creation of a desired image. However, it is important to have an effective strategy in going about the same so that you have the results to your benefit.

There are three broad stages to ORM:

  1. Build – A positive presence by promoting websites whose content you control
  2. Monitor –Be on constant look-out for the content that could be of damage
  3. Repair – Counter negative with the positive

How to Effectively Manage your Brands Online Reputation?


A large chunk of online reputation management is about getting involved in the conversations, framing them and wherever possible tweaking them to terms that suit you.

Following are some of the ways which can get you the online presence you always dreamt of:

  • Good optimization of web properties under your control. This will drive down the negative content, if any.
  • Nothing works better than positive reviews. Manage review websites well.
  • Submitting online press releases to authoritative websites in order to promote brand presence and suppress negative content.
  • Be in good terms with influencers in your industry as they come really handy in saving grace.
  • Gathering mentions in highly-ranked websites on search engines.
  • Monitor everything that is being said about you, more so on social networks.
  • Monitor trends and get involved in them, for more people see you in a positive light and talking intelligent stuff, a critical voice raised off and on will go ignored. You should be everywhere your customers expect to see you.
  • Respond to social mentions, if possible, remove any content that is incorrect and issue defamation warnings as well, if need be.
  • Proactively respond to public criticism as quickly as possible, and avoid resolving the whole thing on record.

Further, there are a few tools that can take you to the places where all the action is happening:

1. BrandsEye

How to Effectively Manage your Brands Online Reputation?It tracks all online conversations about a brand, event, campaign or individual and is used to identify real-time strategic risks and opportunities.

The process is fully automated to ensure no on-going time investment is required and this, and offers brands real insight into how they are perceived, which opportunities to embrace and how to manage crisis situations. It is also used for competitive analysis plus checking out what’s going on with your competitors.

2. Brandwatch

How to Effectively Manage your Brands Online Reputation?

It is a Social Media monitoring system that summarizes what’s being said on the web about brands, people and products. It is an online application where users define keywords (brands, topics, people names, products) and get access to each and every mention of their keywords which they can analyze.

3. Radian 6

How to Effectively Manage your Brands Online Reputation?

It is a monitoring tool for all the brand mentions happening all across the social media landscape. The two attributes that make the tool really efficient are its coverage and the ability to integrate. It gathers data for analysis from umpteen number of blogs, facebook API, Twitter, etc.

Also, it can be easily integrated with applications like and Analytics like Webtrends, Omniture and Google Analytics. It is a kind of complete package for brands involved in corporate marketing. Many services of Radian 6 include insights, Engagement Console, Summary Dashboard, Social Hub, Marketing Cloud etc. All of the data captured herein is real-time.

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